What we do…

European School of Breath is a non-profit organisation, dedicated to promote breathwork in the society. It is not a school as in the classical sense of the word, with its classrooms and desks…Like the French call it ‘école’; it is ‘a group of persons of similar opinions or behavior’, as the Webster dictionary puts it.

Today’s kids are tomorrow’s adults…

In line with this mindset, in some pioneering modern western countries, like the UK and The Netherlands, breathwork (all self-development work related with/including breathing) is introduced at schools and is supported by the governments, as well as by the parents.

Dedicated to this, hopefully global action, our VISION is to contribute to building a healthy and happy society, where the members are aware of their true powers.

Our MISSION is to work with children and create awareness in their breathing.

We achieve this by;

coaching kids use their diaphragms while breathing

increasing their awareness and attention by the help of diaphragm breathing

supporting them, their parents and teachers in creating relaxed, focused, healthy and happy generations