What breath does…

In our experience we have observed and received feedback from parents and teachers that, after breathing sessions kids :

•are relaxed and calmer

•have reduced exam fear and overall anxiety

•can focus much easily, hence have better school results

•are more self-assured and confident in life

•develop better relationship with their parents, teachers, as well as with peers

Teachers become more aware of the source of the kids’ problems and can use the techniques learnt in breathing sessions to overcome those issues for their pupils

We breathe at schools: ‘Let’s Live Together!’ 

There is a lot going on in our bodies; we move, we feel, we think, we communicate… and all of this is happening thanks to an amazing organ, our brain, and a marvellous nervous system.

A major key that influences all these things happening is the breath… Breath is a key source of energy for our bodies, a magical transformer, and amazingly, our ability to use the breath impacts how all these activities happen in us, for us.

And using breath is a habit, a habit that is acquired when we are young and accompanies us all our lives. Our ‘Let’s Live Together!’  classes are designed to install this habit in our kids, in the very early stages of their lives.

They learn this via games and activities that support their physical abilities (dance, somatic games, yoga, physical activities), emotional growth (ability to recognize, express and manage emotions, including stress and anxiety, feeling empathy for others), cognitive development (awareness, understanding, reasoning, questioning, focusing, by using mental stimuli, five senses, meditation, music, etc) and social growth (happily being a part of the society and contributing to it in a healthy way).

Breath is life, and how we breathe, determines how we live our lives. So, we welcome our kids to have  this experience together; let’s breathe together, let’s live together!