What people say…

Mrs Duygu, Teacher of English, İzmir, Turkey 
(Upon our support on eTwinning – Mindful of Mindful Project)
…Not only our students but also us, the teachers learned a lot in your workshops and had so much fun with you. Your energy is great!  You taught us many tools and techniques for breathing, self awareness, relaxation that we can use in our classes and in daily life. They are so simple, so easy to use, yet so effective and the results can be observed immediately…
You gave us all a new perspective. We are grateful to you for your contributions to all of the participants of the project. People like you  should touch more children . We hope very much to work with you in many other projects, thanks so much for everything!

Mariapaola (12) Travo, Italy
(online workshop on eTwinning Project of Mind Full of Mindful) I have no comments to add, it was so beautiful as it is.

Ayşe (13), Eskişehir, Turkey
(online workshop on eTwinning Project of Mind Full of Mindful) I think everything was very nice and I am looking forward to the next exercise.

Lamia (13), MAW Secondary School, WSP, Belgium
That was cool!

Mrs Anca, Secondary School Teacher, Dascalu, Romania
(online workshop on eTwinning Project of Mind Full of Mindful) Yes, with my students when they are anxious. To be honest, it is perfect the way it is now.

Mrs Gülser, Teacher of English, Kocaeli, Turkey
(Upon our support on eTwinning – Mindful of Mindful Project) I think more educators and kids books writers and teachers should participate in your workshops in order to reach a bigger audience of kids. And your workshops were fantastic; suitable for their ages also genders, and for me it was super duper good; I really needed it! And yes, I can and I will practise all these exercises we just learned on my own and with my students in online classes and at my home whenever and wherever I can. Maybe as a warm up before my lessons and maybe to calm myself down, for realizing myself and before the important decisions I have to make. Also with my students; to relax, to experience, to calm them down before the lessons, and before exams.

Francisca (12), Valdepeñas, Spain
(online workshop on eTwinning Project of Mind Full of Mindful) I think the class was very good. I really like it. Thanks for this class!

Theo (13), MAW Secondary School, WSP, Belgium
She needs to practise on her (flemish) accent, but for the rest it was very good!

Mrs Maria, Teacher, Novaro, Italy
(online workshop on eTwinning Project of Mind Full of Mindful) I only wished we had more time! Yes, I will definitely use them! For myself, when I am alone. And in class with my students, before starting each lesson!

Mr Ali Osman, Secondary School Principal, Tokat, Turkey
(online workshop on eTwinning Project of Mind Full of Mindful) Yes. I will definitely use these techniques at school to calm the kids down before group activities and release their exam fears.. And about the workshops; the organization was great – breath dance, chocolate meditation were amazing. I am trying to approach with a critical mind, but I can not find anything to criticize; I guess this is an issue for improvement. Everything was so carefully thought and planned and executed, that it makes it difficult to criticize.

Mrs Paqui, Teacher of Physical Education, Valdepeñas, Spain
(online workshop on eTwinning Project of Mind Full of Mindful) I love this experience! Thank so much for giving me the opportunity of participating in this workshop. And yes, I will use them in every lesson.

Anonym me (13), MAW Secondary School, WSP, Belgium
It was not really my thing, but it was nice.

Mrs Fatma, Secondary School Teacher, İzmir, Turkey
(online workshop on eTwinning Project of Mind Full of Mindful) To be honest, I didn’t think it would be as productive as like this , I would enjoy it this much, and my students would also. Everything was very good, neither less nor more. You were great!

Mrs Nejla, Secondary School Advisory Teacher, Eskişehir Turkey
(online workshop on eTwinning Project of Mind Full of Mindful) Yes, I can use these exercices before the seminars. I can apply them to my students who need them and can benefit from them.

Coşku (15), İstanbul, Turkey

(online session) Last week, during the LGS (countrywide High School Entrance Exam), I tried the Soldier Breath, and the Hand Breath. And they did work; they calmed me down! And I could continue with my exam.

Abby (16), Madison, WI USA

(online session) Last week, I took an exam that I was studying for more than a year. I was very nervous, and right before the exam, I forgot about everything I studied. Then I said to myself; ‘stop that Abby, you know all of these, you studied a lot for that; just calm down!’ Then I started doing the ‘Soldier Breath’. It did work! And very soon I was completely calm. I went back to the test. And I had a great result in the end!

Melis (18), UCLouvain, Belgium
(online session) The music you used, both for dancing and for relaxing was amazing! It did hit the plot! Dancing while singing ‘I Can Do It!’ was really effective. And the relaxation made me feel great!

Kyra (12), Kraainem, Belgium
(online session) I had an exam last Monday. On Sunday evening, when I went to bed, I practised the Soldier Breath. It relaxed me so much, I slept really well on Sunday night, and I was very fit on Monday morning. I had a great exam result on Monday!

Begüm, mother of Efe (8), WSL, Belgium
(online session) It was such a relaxing, calming experience! Although only half an hour, the whole day’s work stress disappeared. Sharing and bonding with my son was the most enjoyable part of it. Definitely worth taking the short break from our daily duties and to breathe together!

Kyra (12), Kraainem, Belgium
(online session) This was the most relaxing thing ever!

Nan (66), Rochelle, IL USA
(online session with her granddaughter) Thanks so much ! We loved the breathing! You are a great teacher!

Melis (17), WSP, Belgium
(online session) I was not nervous before the exam (university entrance exam), but I was impatient. I see the exam as a step on my way to my goal; I want to enter the medical school and this exam is there to take me to my goal. And all these breathing exercises are very relaxing and they help me calm down and concentrate (Melis entered the medical school and this year she attended our sessions to support her with her first-year exams).

Mrs Ingrid, 5th grade teacher, WSP, Belgium
How nice to hear that you continue your breathing sessions online. This will indeed be a welcoming relief for many.

Mrs Ingrid, 5th grade teacher, WSP, Belgium
We were all so looking forward to enjoying your calming breathing lessons.
The class was very excited (right after the lunch break) when we entered the breathing lesson.
Dancing after realising how they breathe, and listening to their own breaths during the relaxation were very effective for their own realization of their breaths.
I think these exercises can be definitely used for kids with the fear of failure.
At the end of the lesson, the kids were all calm, most of them were very relaxed. They enjoyed it very much.
Thank you for your enthusiastic commitment and the calmness you radiated yesterday.

Marion (10), WSP, Belgium
I think this is really great to try in the class, before an exam. I also use it when I am horsebackriding

Aurolie (10), WSP, Belgium
I use it when I have a lot of stress, for example before an exam, when I feel I get out of breath…or when I am angry.

Mattia (10), WSP, Belgium
Dancing was fun!

Hugo (10), WSP, Belgium
You are the best breathing teacher!

Norah (10), WSP, Belgium
I use it when I do sports. Or when I have pain in my body. I also use it to go to sleep.

Souhayl (10), WSP, Belgium
It was super nice! It was great to ‘rest’.

Nour (10), WSP, Belgium
Thank you, it was super nice! I hope we do it again!

Aurele (10), WSP, Belgium
I use it when I read a book, to concentrate!

Gabriella (10), WSP, Belgium
I use it when I am stressed, or when I want to fall a sleep at night, or just to stay in peace by myself!

Nissa (11), WSP, Belgium
I use it before an exam, when I am so stressed. I also try breathing exercises when I climb up a tree, against my fear of heights. It also works well to go to sleep peacefully.

Samuel (11), WSP, Belgium
I use it to calm down before an exam, and also to get used to our new house…

Felicia (11), WSP, Belgium
I use it to calm down after I run to catch my bus.

Mr Bart, 6th grade teacher, WSP, Belgium
The class was a bit uneasy at the beginning of the lesson.
At the end, everyone was very relaxed and did get some rest. I will use this to bring the class to peace in a stress moment, like before an oral presentation or a written exam.
There are many kids in the class who look forward to these breathing lessons!

Mrs Cindy, 1st grade teacher, WSP, Belgium
The class was very active at the beginning of the lesson.
At the end, all kids were calm and quiet, everyone was lying peacefully on the ground. Whenever a kid is uneasy and nervous, I think these are great exercises to use to bring him/her back to peace.

Mrs Victoire, 2nd grade teacher, WSP, Belgium
The class was full of energy at the beginning of the lesson.
The balloon exercise was good to make them realise ‘the balloon in their belly’. When we first tried it, 9 kids out of 18 could not blow the balloon. At the end of the lesson, only 3 were not able to blow a balloon by themselves and they were very unhappy about it.

Mrs Sharisa, 4th grade teacher, WSP, Belgium
Emotions were released in some kids during the breathing exercises. In pupils who react quickly and violently (because of feelings) it is useful to release this tension for a while. Also, a deep breath in and out = less impulsive reaction.
I use yoga and breathing as a ‘snack’ after or before a tough lesson. It is also effective with the kids who show aggression.

Mrs Laura, 3rd grade teacher, WSP, Belgium
Last year after the lessons, I continued with the breathing exercises during the whole schoolyear. I did it whenever I felt the kids needed it in the class (eg when they got uneasy, before an exam to help them calm down and concentrate or when they are tired to re-energize them). I even used some simple yoga exercises in combination with breathing.

Mrs Emine, pre-school teacher, Brussels, Belgium
Breathing lesson was introduced to the kids within a story theme, based on the animal sounds. Kids practiced the breathing techniques while having fun and without really noticing, in a play atmosphere. As the characters in the story were the animals (whose sounds the kids imitated), it will be very catchy for the kids and they will easily remember and practise. It is a very educational and fun exercise for the kids, therefore can be used many times during the day, to get the kids focus, regenerate energy in the class or calm them down when necessary.

Mrs Pınar, pre-school teacher, Brussels, Belgium
The kids were very excited as we had just finished rehearsing for a dance performance. Working with the balloon was fun and educative. Using the animals and imitating their sounds was easy to follow and to remember. By the end of the session, all the kids were lying down and very calm&relaxed. There were even a few kids we thought that fell asleep ?

Laura (24), Saint Gilles, Belgium
I was tired and very much ‘in my head’ with a lot of thoughts and rushing. Breathing with my hands lying on my belly and chest to make me more conscious of my own breathing was very effective. After the session I feel energized, in a very relaxed way. Thank you!

Jason (57), Saint Gilles, Belgium
I was very stressed before the session, as I had a deadline for today. Now I feel very relaxed, with a clear mind.

Carol (31), Uccle, Belgium
My mind was focused on work before the session; I had just come out of an exhausting meeting, I was a bit stressed. Now I feel very light and relaxed. Deep, slow breathing in&out was very effective. I try this at home! Thank you!