Our breathwork with kids…

Support to eTwinning – Mind full of Mindful Project – February to June 2021

111 kids between 10-14 and 10 teachers from four countries (Italy, Romenia, Spain and Turkey) came together to form a project on eTwinning. This project came to life to support the students to manage their emotions with mindfulness exercises. Because the emotional bond with the students is weakened due to the distance education and the whole Covid-19 period, the intention is to make them feel closer to each other and help them manage the anxiety that they can not overcome by themselves. They learn exercises which they can later on use in their daily lives.

And as European School of Breath, we supported them in their project. We organised various Let’s Breathe Together! workshops, with teachers only and with kids&teachers. The project students also joined our 11th April, World Breathing Day Free Online Let’s Breathe Together! workshop. The project ended in May 2021. We are so happy and proud to present our 120 Certificates to the kids and the teachers of Mind Full of Mindful Project for participating our online Let’s Breathe Together! workshops during March and April 2021!

On 27th May, we organised a live Instagram Event to enlighten the public about eTwinning and Mind Full of Mindful Project. We invited the teachers of the project and the participations to that live event were from Spain, Italy, Turkey, Germany, Belgium to talk about;
What is eTwinning?
Who can do a project on eTwinning?
What has been done on Mind Full of Mindful?
What else can be done?
Breathwork, mindfulness, creative mindfulness, and many other things!